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  • laurel commented on the post, unfounded 5 minutes ago

    It is completely unfounded that I am a girl in the U.S. with three brothers and a lovely mother and a kind father and so I have the right to be completely happy all the time because of all this happenstance.

  • Dixon Cider commented on the post, unfounded 28 minutes ago

    Beliefs are what separates human from creature, as unfounded and insane as they may be, you will never find anything else in nature so capable of projecting an idea as the human mind. We are the projectors of thought into the space of cognitive perception. The danger lies in the projection of foolish consistency of unfounded thought. Consider any propaganda as an example.

  • I was afraid. Afraid my feelings were unfounded.
    I lifted the tarp and saw the smooth shape of the convertible’s wheel wells beneath.
    Pulling the tarp back further, a wave of foul odor hit my face like a brick. I could see a foot extended over the back seat into the front.

  • Protean commented on the post, unfounded 2 hours, 14 minutes ago

    Lost in the lure and
    without direction
    no basis in fact
    no basis in reality
    rationality is a foreign
    concept only reserved for those
    who see clearly
    cast in lightless avenues
    past the caverns of the enlightened
    endless path seeking the wayward concepts
    of an uncaring world

  • Hawkeye commented on the post, unfounded 2 hours, 18 minutes ago

    It is a unfounded allegation but there was also truth behind it,

    He knew she hated him now but he also believed that the love she had for him was still there inside her heart. She couldn’t see it because of the baseless accusation made by those people who loved her.

  • Die Queller deiner Energie
    verrät sich nie, verrät sich nie
    Willst suchen, doch musst finden sie
    Sie weckt in dir die Raseri,
    die Suche, drum –
    genieß und lehn dich zurück.
    Denn das nennt man Glück.

  • “While I appreciate your concern, princess, your fears are unwarranted and, frankly, unfounded-”
    “My lord, with all due respect,” she interrupted smoothly, her words precise, “Is it not your duty to waylay my ‘fears’, as you call them, rather than casually dismiss them?”

  • She claimed that he was using unfounded evidence, that everything he was accusing her of was completely untrue and that he had nothing real to prove she was guilty of anything. Nevertheless, he kept pushing that he knew what was going on. When she finally cracked, they found that they were both right in a strange sort of manner. Yes, she was in love with someone else, but that someone else was dead.

  • “You did it,” the man growled, barely restrained by the two security personnel holding him back. “/You/ did it!”.

    Later, after the man was executed, I was assured that everyone knew the man’s accusations were completely and utterly unfounded.

    But they weren’t.

  • jolyssa commented on the post, unfounded 10 hours, 47 minutes ago

    She always wanted someone to dig deep beneath her surface. Beneath all the layers of makeup, her clothes that exposed her skin but concealed her mind, and beneath the materialistic, gaudy accessories that shaded her true gleam within.

  • my hope is that everyone saw this one word prompt and thought to write, ‘my fears are unfounded.’ that’s certainly the first thing i thought. also, my belief in an intensely difficult existence in order to achieve my improbable desires is unfounded. let’s get easy.

  • in faith
    we find
    comfortable dreams
    to quell the passing
    but still
    the ugly truth reminds us
    what is
    will remain

  • It was all unfounded speculation, but the thing is this – it’s more than a gut feeling. There were a couple of slight tip offs, or “tells” early on that evolved into more elaborate lines of communication.

  • Emi commented on the post, mythic 13 hours, 5 minutes ago

    They like to assume myth is contradictory: infallible but fundamentally untrue, passed on yet never truly remembered. That can apply to things, animals, but what of a person, shrouded in myth but real all the same?

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  • Annie P commented on the post, mythic 13 hours, 15 minutes ago

    “You’re like a fuckin’ unicorn or something now, dude. Mythic.”

    I laughed. “I show up to school every day.”

    “Yeah but no one ever sees you. No one ever remembers seeing you in class or anything.”

    “My participation grade in school is fine.”

    “How does no one remember you?”

  • Intuition commented on the post, mythic 13 hours, 51 minutes ago

    I have no mythologies to follow, so I make it up as I go along, like a chimera of mythic proportions all my own.

  • He walked in as though stepping out of the pages of some legendary book. Muscles taut beneath his shirt, face smooth and clean, hair carefully done to look cautiously messy. He was a man who thought of himself as a myth and it was quite the sight to see.

  • Safon commented on the post, mythic 16 hours, 52 minutes ago

    there was something mythic(aL) about here. everything about her was. she wore it well. one her sleeve, across her chest, covering her face, before flooding down to her legs. it was all that she was—this mythical creature.

  • Soft commented on the post, mythic 17 hours, 3 minutes ago

    Red and scaly, it ascended from the depths of the lake before them. Their academic cynicism shattered like glass, and left them exposed and trembling like children. Drenched in lake water, at the mercy of their small canoe, they