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    it’s not like it’s really all that bad i mean it’s nice you know like it’s just that it’s nice it’s what people mean when they say “Gee, that’s really nice” not nice like oh cool story bro but gee. That’s really nice. Just like that. that’s what i mean when it’s nice outside, it’s not spring i know that’s when we usually think it’s nice but i mean it’s just nice when there’s snow

  • Some people’s favorite part of Wintertime is the color red. Rudolph’s red nose. Santa’s outfit. Red Christmas lights and wrapping paper. I like it because of the beautiful shade of red when there’s blood shed in the snow.

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    In wintertime, when the snow falls in gentle spirals from the slate-gray sky, Myra stands in the window and wishes for a cat, a bird, a husband, a child – something to turn to and say “Look! It’s snowing!”

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    The weather had rapidly taken a turn for the worse. The squirrel

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    Wintertime is the best, there’s snow and holidays and cold and fun things. Fun things like hot chocolate and snowball fights and fireplaces and snuggling. Wintertime means that the air smells really clean and crisp and even hurts a little. I love how it’s a reboot for mother nature, covering everything in snow so that it can “die” for a season.

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    The snow covered the ground in a thin layer, birds were strugling to find food People fro all walks of life were wrapped up with scaeves and mufflers. The man on the street corner shrugged it off and continued to hold his hand out fr money. The kids on the corner had found some boards that were nailed together and they were using this to slide down all the local hills. The trees were thick with a covering of snow

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    The wind blew harshly against the pink-tinted noses and cheeks of Evelyn and Lucas; both were wrapped tightly in layers upon layers, though the thick clothing seemed to do nothing against the sharp gusts attacking them.

    Albeit her fingers were frozen beneath her woollen gloves, Evelyn bent down to scoop a pile of snow into her hand, shaping it into a ball and soaking her soft gloves in the process. With a grin spread widely across a face she jumped in front of her brother and launched it from her palm.

    Lucas froze as the snow slid down his face. Evelyn was barely keeping in her squeaking giggles from the sight and shrieked when Lucas started to stride towards her determinedly.

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    Wintertime is here and the best part of this season is the celebration of Christmas. Of course we know that Jesus was not born at this time of the year, but does it matter? We are simply celebrating the fact that he was born at all.

  • wintertime like mint snowflakes crystallizing on my tongue, and all I am is the lack of you. this week I will find myself in the same places I held your mitten-fingers last year, and I will feel the wind sharper than I did then.

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    winter solstices mark one month:

    i’m tied to you baby
    through and through with it baby

    take me out on your crash course
    take me out just buying time
    take me out to fill the void
    take me out every night of your life

    i’m trying baby
    crying and crying for you baby

    kill me euphoria
    take me out during trying times
    i’ll be there everytime you decide to try

    we’ll mend eventually (x2)

  • It had been years since she’d last set foot in the Northern town but, despite the low temperatures, she remembered the wintertime as a beautiful, warm thing. And yet, as she stepped onto the dock, her wind whipping around her, the city of Calais was quiet and oddly void of life.

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    The snow falls and I can feel the chill but I don’t mind.The holidays are almost here and the world is winter wonderland. Everything is white and the holiday music makes me smile. I can’t wait to go skiing because i love wintertime.

  • This place is only ever like the wintertime. Cold and gray… yet oh so beautiful.
    The gray can become boring, but then all of the magical little charms come out and make you fall in love.
    I suppose that’s why this place made me fall for him. I love winter.

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  • My favorite time of year…you can go skating, skiing, snowshoeing. I love the cold winter days when the frost hangs beautifully on the trees. I love to lay in the fresh snow and make snow angels.

  • wintertime always seems to be the hardest for me. i become as cold as the ice that coats the roads and as distant as the sun that hides and blurs its edges for months on end.

  • it’s the most wonderful time of the year

  • Wintertime in New York is unlike other places. Soon falls and gives hope, which gives hope to disappointment as it falls and disintegrates into the concrete, warmed by the life-force of the city streets. wintertime is cold, soulless, lit up and dressed as a lie of warmth and love.

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    The bells rang throughout the streets and everything was cold and still even though the wind blew in harsh, nippy gusts. The last of the shoppers were hurrying home now, getting in their cars or trains or taxi cabs and swearing under their breath because they were late and couldn’t make it on time. The snow continued to fall.