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  • tones8 commented on the post, graced 1 minute ago

    couldnt you be so kind
    and i would be graced with your

  • Marissa commented on the post, graced 6 minutes ago

    Overwhelmed with the sea, you mistook me;
    I wouldn’t ever see the sun,
    my night was misted with stars so deep,
    the sky reached down and took me.

  • EliseV commented on the post, graced 1 hour, 23 minutes ago

    She walked down the aisle of the airship. Designer clothing, shoes polished to a high shine. Even one of those popular purse puppies tucked under her arm. The grand dame looked around as she passed through the curtains into first class as though we had been privileged to be graced by her presence.

  • whitney commented on the post, graced 7 hours, 5 minutes ago

    I’m glad For This prompt. I feel graced by his presence
    I really do. Nothing more than An acquaintance but everything He writes touches me So deeply That I Know somehow he’s talking to Me. To Find another soul So similar Is a grace itself. Even If They never know It Too. This has become My diary. My name Too anonymous to Find.

  • Earnestly, I used to be
    Surrounded completely,
    Encompassed in a way I only
    Ever though possible within
    The boundaries of storybooks.
    You looked and watched,
    But never judged, ever
    Being a second sight for me,
    A pair of eyes when mine
    Would frolic about the world
    In their frivolous fashion,
    An extra hop in my step
    When my legs would
    Have normally tripped
    Over themselves,
    A voice in the back
    Of my head reminding me
    Not to lose patience;
    I had nowhere to truly be,
    Nowhere I needed to go;
    Reminding me that all
    I had to do, was nothing,
    For that was all
    Any of us
    Could ever hope
    To truly amount to,
    At the time
    Of the dust.

  • Kairn commented on the post, graced 10 hours, 15 minutes ago

    it was strange to say that she graced us
    because there was little scowl in the corner of her face
    and at one point i saw her throw it all over the side.
    she was real for a flash,
    and i saw her for her the first time
    and it was terrifying and
    truth burned in her eyes
    and i wondered which stars were out tonight.

  • _Kate_ commented on the post, graced 10 hours, 21 minutes ago

    At last she graced the hall with her presence. Her long hair was pinned up neatly, a few curls escaping, while her white gown trailed behind her, simple yet elegant.

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  • I’d never been graced with such a shy presence in my ballroom. The man was cute rather than handsome, and he sported a half-beard as an attempt at masculinity. His uniform was tailored beautifully and the decorative sword hung at his side gallantly. His eyes were icy bright, I realized, as they met mine. His hand extended towards me and he asked me, reddening, to dance.

  • He acted like he was gracing me with his presence – as if I were lucky to be around him.

    I was not. He prodded and poked at all my insecurities, laughed, refused to leave my room, my house, when I stammered out requests for him to. He was cruel, and annoying, and the only way to get him to leave me alone was to trick him into it.

  • “Ugh, she’s so RUDE,” she muttered, crossing her arms as she narrowed her eyes at the slightly older girls retreating form, “She barely even LOOKED at us, for the gods’ own sake,”
    Her uncle’s eyes widened in shock before he quickly glanced around them, making sure no one else had heard. “Chardrie, contain yourself! That the queen graced us with her presence at all marks us amongst her most favored of subjects,”
    “Well, I for one don’t feel very favored,”

  • Amanda commented on the post, graced 13 hours, 34 minutes ago

    You think that you graced me with your presence. You think that I’m privileged to be receptor of your words. Well, you’re wrong. You have wasted my time with your worthless, baseless speech.

  • The commoners bowed, blessed to be graced by the warden’s presence. Norine’s eyes swung left and right as the sea of ragged people sank to their knees and touched their foreheads to the dusty court. There was one form that did not shrink down, however. Amelia’s blonde curls were like a beacon reflecting the sun over the writhing bed of servile, desperate folk. Norine was both incredibly proud and inextinguishably angry.

  • ulimonster commented on the post, graced 14 hours, 25 minutes ago

    “so glad you’ve graced us wit your presence”
    It’s true, the light filtered through the window and pulled an angelic glow out of her diaphanous gown as it fluttered and she sat down.
    the bitch.

  • LILYhibiku commented on the post, graced 14 hours, 42 minutes ago

    She graced the halls with her presence. Everything about her was poised, considered, calculated. A single glance from her sent worlds traveling down your spine. A single word from her was enough to keep you awake all night. We were all madly in love with her, I’m sure, though I can’t quite remember now–it’s hard to remember a girl who moved like the air itself, who kept her true self an enigma.

  • Dailenna commented on the post, graced 16 hours, 47 minutes ago

    How is it possible to write about grace and the things I have been graced with without mentioning God? I don’t think it is!

    He has graced me with a life that is free of my fluttering, self-doubt. He has graced me with the chance to love in a way that doesn’t ache and hurt and make me long to be loved back. He has graced me with forgiveness.

    There is such freedom in His grace.

  • Eileen Maki commented on the post, graced 17 hours, 5 minutes ago

    millions of seconds
    have passed
    your face, your fingers
    blessed this place
    your breath, your light
    too long excused
    your scent, your feel
    with no trace
    I am graced

  • Tracey commented on the post, graced 17 hours, 30 minutes ago

    i have been graced with a good life. Its not a perfect life but it has been a good life. i have three handsome boys, one deceased parent , one father who is still alive and a husband who has been in the process of becoming an ex for 6 years. Still its a good life with some excellent, first class friends and the freedom to colour each new day as I see fit!

  • She graced him with her presence. It was an obvious fact that she didn’t have any need to be there. She was standing beside him purely out of her own choice, and that alone was enough to make him feel as if his breath might completely escape him and end up causing him to collapse. He was falling for her more than he could’ve ever guessed, and it was getting maddening.

  • They said she was graced with beauty. Like that made her lucky.


    It wouldn’t really help her much, not here, not really. Beauty wouldn’t save her. It wouldn’t save anybody else either, for that matter.