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    Your boots crashed through the messy terrain. The massive fauna curling around your legs and trees looming over you, shadowing you from the beating and pulsing sun above. You felt your ankle twist as you misplaced your foot and as you came crashing down a bird called out in the distance, a long, lonely, solitary cry.

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    Red and dusty. Dan was so tired of the constant red hues and pervasive dust. Mars. Better than the Moon his brother had said but he wasn’t here and the Moon had full biospheres now so what did he know, really? Dan had at least been to the Moon and knew the difference but he knew that Jared was just trying to comfort him.

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  • The shepherds will not stop dragging the goat up the terrain. Its legs are too short and they trip over every gray stone or thick patch of emerald grass. When it bleats for its mother, the men laugh. One shepherd, with heavy black boots, kicks it. It cries harder. They keep dragging it, keep pulling at the rope around its neck, until it can’t bleat any longer and it leaves a streak of blood in the emerald grass.

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    He took the last step on the crest and peered over to see what lay before him. Hills and dune rose above and beyond, each one a contour on the world’s largest land, merely a bump in a road that never seemed to end as it stretched on as far as the eye could see. Valleys and dips cracked the surface of the world like imperfections, and the sun glared down and lighted it all up for the man. There was a lot left to explore.

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    It was so strange. Nothing seemed familiar. I was lost, but I wasn’t afraid. I was excited, ready for adventure. “Carol,” I said. She looked at me and returned my grin. “Let’s go.”

  • How is the terrain of your heart? Are you hard like the stone cobble that you journey over, or are you soft like the moist ground that runs through your hands?

    If I planted my love, would you let it grow? Or is it stubborn, and obbrasive?
    Let me take route in your soul. Let me love you and change you.

  • The terrain was green and grassy, with the winds blowing the grasses to a fro like the waves in the sea.

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    Rocky terrain is a great opportunity to hop rocks…make lemon aide out of lemons…

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    Terrain is a word to express landscape. My favourite terrains are mountain and trails. I love oceansides as well. I feel my best when I am running in the great outdoors. It doesn’t even matter the weather. Rain, wind, sun or snow.

  • she knew the terrain well. it was the place she had grown up, the place she intended to raise her daughter. and now here it was change. change everywhere. places had closed down, new ones had opened up and it was nothing short of spectacular to see the city had evolved.

  • She was a constant, a fact. She… just was and nothing could ever change that. People thought they knew her but it was a lie that they knew because she understood that they didn’t understand and they never could. It was all I could do not to cry. She knew that she was too wonderful a thing to exist in this world and yet she despised no one for it.

  • Firm in one’s convictions.

  • I’m 90% sure he is the reason I have a middle finger.

  • There is no freedom on land like that granted by the waters of the endless sea — capricious and calming all at once, and, yet, driven ever on by the journey to know what it is that lies beyond that furthest horizon, and the yearning to know what mysteries lay hidden in those steadfast and fathomless depths.

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    He was steadfast in his decision to rekindle the small flame he felt. it had been three years, but seeing her again flooded him with desire. As he walked towards her doubts crept in to his mind,

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    up in my head it is already decided, yet in many circumstances i waver. i cannot hold on to the vision. no steadfast decision was ever attained. tell me how, what can motivate me?

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    I sat at the desk, counting the number of times my pencil waved back and forth before my eyes. One, two, three… on and on it went. As it flew past my face I couldn’t help but nervously glance at the door to the private room, half-expecting to see my disapproving boss standing and opening her mouth to fire me.

    Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen… still on and on it went. No matter how nervous I was getting and no matter how stupid I knew I was being I just couldn’t focus. I knew I should have at least tried to steadfastly do my work, but the piles of paperwork and hours of filing just weren’t appealing to me that day.

    Twenty-two, twenty-three… twenty-seven… forty-one… My pencil just swung and swung. Eventually I went to work, but my mind was elsewhere. Normally the mind-numbing work I preformed day after day would have drawn me as it was a distraction from my life, but that day all I wanted to do was live.

    That was the day I received the news. My husband had been honorably-discharged and would be arriving in the airport the next day; my life would no longer be filled with the worry and the longing it had been filled with since the day he left 4 years beforehand, almost to the day. I still had a job, friends and hobbies, but once you experience full, real love there isn’t much else that truly matters. That would be the day I would truly begin to live again.

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    Clutching his back came naturally like breathing. They’d done this a few dozen times, but as soon as they jumped, fear would reappear like an pesky beggar. They were floating on air and the wind was their sail.

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    remain steadfast in your intention, they say. but what happens when the intention is lost—or its there but we have no clue what it means to remain steadfast in it. fast in which direction—how–where—when do i begin with the steadfast motion.remain steadfast in figuring it out.