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    White trails across the sky: seventeen comets. Black trails over the fence: raccoons, and more raccoons. Banking all these, a pocketful of images to eat one at a time when I am old.

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    Across the Zone of Avoidance lies another galaxy, slowly pulling us in. Passing through gas and debris and comet dust, we transform: a hundred million lifetimes from now, I will see you again, as through fractals, you and me split and mirrored, over and over.

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, transform 1 week, 2 days ago

    In the moment of #transformation, I get to take with me the pure essence of what I’ve always been looking for. Though I’ve always buried it with the numbing desire of the flesh. Today, with courage and trust, I leap into the unknown, wishing and hoping to find her. @oneword @oznolem

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    Go into the field and dance in a circle you crazy little bastard! You’re ideas #takeoff life a soft noodle leaving a bruise on someones face after you smack them with it. It doesn’t work! It never will! No go! #oneword @oznolem

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    Why is it that sometimes, when I put my foot on the floor, it feels like a squishy mess. Now I remember why! All those damn drugs I took a hours ago have me feeling like a flying fuck, and I’m on a #bicycle. But I’m not sure how I’ve not fallen off. This is bullshit! #oneword @oznolem

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    Intros into this line of thinking often causes one to #falter and question what they believe. But that is exactly what proves his guilt. Unfortunately the council will come to clarity too late. #OneWord @oznolem

  • paper commented on the post, amused 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    probably, at the end of the day, when there’s nothing left and he’s sitting there with blistered feet on black linoleum he’s gonna say okay, well, to hell with it. to hell with you. that’s not fair to the boy, a voice in his head will say, it’s a good thing, probably. and then the boy will come and smile sadly and say sorry one last time and he’ll think no. to hell with you. to hell with you.

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, underdog 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I walk through my shadow in wanting and yearning. Seeing through the wickedness I once nourished and feeling the thrashing blood coursing through my veins reveals my breath’s betrayal. I fear the dark #underdog has awoken. #oneword @oznolem

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, failing 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I sit lightly against the car seat, not wanting to be here because I don’t belong. They all want me to be this creature that can smack tipsy mosquitoes, but I’m #failing at that. All I want to do is play hopscotch. #oneword @oznolem

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, retreat 2 months ago

    That was back when my love for her was untainted. When I could #retreat into her eyes without ravenous desire. When my hand over her heart was alive in her soul. When she felt the boundless enormity of the sky in my kiss. But it all fell apart…something went horribly wrong. #oneword @oznolem

  • robyn commented on the post, hardly 2 months ago

    if we are all just mirrors
    of the places we’ve born witness to,
    then i would still love him for all of it

  • RS Bohn commented on the post, dignity 2 months ago

    She wore dignity in scraps; the single petals of daisies, the bit of ragweed that made him sneeze. The flexing branch of a golden tree, behind her head.

    And still it cloaked her, so that her steps made no sound in the forest. When Summer came upon him, yet sleeping, in the place he thought no one could find…

    She left her dignity behind, and cast a longing look at his fragile form.

    Winter would never know.

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    ‘comes the mailman. He’s tapping his tambourine today. Up the walks, under trees, playing for squirrels. If he’s got a message, we’ll know. We’ll hear it in the way the tambourine shakes. But for now, nothing. Not a single thing the wind doesn’t already know.

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, pediatrician 3 months ago

    I got to let it go! Rarely do I watch what is happening in front of me. At this point in life, the government’s benevolence provide all that I could dream of. I must let go! All I need to do is be a #pedestrian in this Federal Servanthood. Walk alone. Stay in the lines. Don’t go far or fast. Everything will be given to me. #oneword @oznolem

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    The coupling lasted no more than a handful of minutes; the last shooting stars of the night drowned in purple dawn. Heidi looked up, through branches bare of leaves, at the clouds and never-ending sky, and listened as he put his trousers back on.

    “Breakfast?” he said, without reaching for her.

    “No,” she said. “I’m fine.”

    With a soft huff of relief, he was gone, tramping back through the woods to his house, to his wife.

    Heidi turned and lay her forehead against rough bark. It strummed beneath her touch. Someday, she thought. Someday.

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, mythic 3 months, 1 week ago

    In this simple flavor was a slow collision of piercing and humble sensations, an overwhelming #mythic experience, leading me to believe, and feel, as if I should sink down into the floor, and seep into every crack and corner of this home. #oneword @oznolem

  • Oz Nolem commented on the post, difficult 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Finding a flourishing yellow rose in the the thick darkness of the human heart is the #difficult path I’ve been given. I often wonder how many nourish lustful anger and why. And not because I like to think about such mysteries, rather, because in my creation, I was a bloody, burnt rose. #oznolem #oneword

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    Isn’t life the ultimate. The truth that all can see. Why the arguing over who is #deserving of the beauty of life, of the lust and pleasures of life. If life is the first truth, why are we arguing over speculations and fairytales of the unknowable final truth? #oznolem #oneword

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    And I’m back. Looking around, finding a sack on the soaking ground. There is a #radius in the sky, and amazing radiance in my mind. Looking up, I feel enough, can I touch? #oznolem #oneword

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    The noise was at once beautiful and yet silently it eroded my ability to create. In the busy city there are so many opportunities, yet I find my self wishing myself alone, with nobody. #oznolem #oneword #nobody