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    ‘comes the mailman. He’s tapping his tambourine today. Up the walks, under trees, playing for squirrels. If he’s got a message, we’ll know. We’ll hear it in the way the tambourine shakes. But for now, nothing. Not a single thing the wind doesn’t already know.

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    I got to let it go! Rarely do I watch what is happening in front of me. At this point in life, the government’s benevolence provide all that I could dream of. I must let go! All I need to do is be a #pedestrian in this Federal Servanthood. Walk alone. Stay in the lines. Don’t go far or fast. Everything will be given to me. #oneword @oznolem

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    The coupling lasted no more than a handful of minutes; the last shooting stars of the night drowned in purple dawn. Heidi looked up, through branches bare of leaves, at the clouds and never-ending sky, and listened as he put his trousers back on.

    “Breakfast?” he said, without reaching for her.

    “No,” she said. “I’m fine.”

    With a soft huff of relief, he was gone, tramping back through the woods to his house, to his wife.

    Heidi turned and lay her forehead against rough bark. It strummed beneath her touch. Someday, she thought. Someday.

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    In this simple flavor was a slow collision of piercing and humble sensations, an overwhelming #mythic experience, leading me to believe, and feel, as if I should sink down into the floor, and seep into every crack and corner of this home. #oneword @oznolem

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    Finding a flourishing yellow rose in the the thick darkness of the human heart is the #difficult path I’ve been given. I often wonder how many nourish lustful anger and why. And not because I like to think about such mysteries, rather, because in my creation, I was a bloody, burnt rose. #oznolem #oneword

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    Isn’t life the ultimate. The truth that all can see. Why the arguing over who is #deserving of the beauty of life, of the lust and pleasures of life. If life is the first truth, why are we arguing over speculations and fairytales of the unknowable final truth? #oznolem #oneword

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    And I’m back. Looking around, finding a sack on the soaking ground. There is a #radius in the sky, and amazing radiance in my mind. Looking up, I feel enough, can I touch? #oznolem #oneword

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    The noise was at once beautiful and yet silently it eroded my ability to create. In the busy city there are so many opportunities, yet I find my self wishing myself alone, with nobody. #oznolem #oneword #nobody

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    What? Speaking nonsense at this time of night, with the bugs scratching at the darkened air and drunkards slithering over the streets, you ask me about cutlery!? You must be mad! Breath in the air, go to sleep.

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    Because gazing at the generational development of a city is amazing, I’m going to do nothing with my life but watch. What a pathetic trade off! Compare that to mending Imagination of All Probability with the totality of reality. #gazing #oneword #oznolem

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    The coarseness of his hair surprised. I had, I suppose, expected it to be silky. Still, I ran my palm across his shoulder, down his chest. He quivered.

    “Beautiful beast,” I said. “Do you give yourself to me?”

    He lowered his head, a noble nose touching the floor. He acquiesced. Agreed to be–


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    The sunlight made everything blurry–or maybe it was the hangover. She shouldn’t have gone out last night with Greg. She was an agent now, expected to make critical, mature, intelligent decisions. Such as not getting wasted with a co-worker on a Tuesday night.

    It had been, however, to celebrate her promotion. Stuffing her face back into the pillow, she burrowed her hands beneath it and pricked herself.

    “Ouch,” she muttered, and withdrew the sharp item.

    Her new badge. Silver and ornate, heavy and… hers. She was officially Agent Paulson, one of the Association. One of an elite group of werewolf-hunters. One of… the victims of the worst hangover she could ever remember.

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    losing definition of myself and wondering if it’s okay, screeching top down hair whipping high school legend on the highway is what i never was

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    Pit bulls huddle beneath sky rockets fallen among the pick-ups and Toyotas. Vagrants gone, food gone, puddles of oil and rain water abound. Somewhere, in an asparagus-green sky, their masters rotate in silver star-condos. A rib cage expands and contracts. Far off, in an apartment building, a girl wakes, alone, in a pile of dirty laundry. She puts on shoes and coat and goes looking for them, with scraps in her pockets and lemon-scented hair.

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    When did it start? I think
    that one time when you meant to prop your knee up on the bed and tripped and fell onto the floor. When I made you mad, and it hurt me. Getting to touch you wherever I want whenever I want, and that empty feeling as I wait for you to touch me back. A little loneliness, knowing you or me are not enough. Cold sheets. Hot air. The back of your head. Fear of falling off the balcony ledge like little paper ashes
    into dust.

    Small delights.

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    this is here. the place that i’m always coming back to. the craving eats me up inside, soft poison touch floating over that delicate delicate thing we call happiness, fluttering like a veil at the top of the mountain, nestling down below in the dark bitter earth. waiting for me to come home.

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    every time i climb over your skin i feel like i am falling into your imperfections. the patches of skin where i feel your anger, softest. you know i have a sick adoration for your dirty blues and black thoughts.

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    Werewolves playing billiards again at Sam’s. I hang back, watching. They’re pretty good; they’ll take you for a twenty or so. They’re not out for blood. Not like the kids in their hoodies, pretending to be sixteen. Now them, you need to watch out for. They’ll take you for everything you’ve got.