• Junk in my trunk
    Killed the hunk
    We draw and we fight
    Until the dusk of time.
    We kill some time in the Trunk of our car
    Duktaped hand and screaming for mercy.

  • Treasure hunter wrote about the word anywhere 3 years ago

    Enywhere in the world i like,
    I put on my awsome top hat.
    Maybe you dislike,
    squeling like a little rat.

  • Treasure hunter wrote about the word skyline 3 years ago

    As i go past the skyline and forward too the zepelin i see a man coming at me with a gun…

  • Treasure hunter wrote about the word marble 3 years ago

    Hi, wanna see my marbels?
    Yellow, green, blue, black, green.
    Oh did i say green?
    All the collors of the rainbow.

  • Treasure hunter wrote about the word horses 3 years ago

    My whole childhood. Horse competitions, se those creature outside my window.
    Im realy bored with those animals. Again again and again. My dad are a breeder. My parents ride, and they used too be trainer. my dad sells horse stuff. yea itss that bad.

  • By the needs of the people, we should be that more.
    Even tho Ayen rand hated it we should atleast keep it in the back of our head.
    The world would be a better place in the eyes of the needy and
    worse in the eyes of the greedy. Im greedy…

  • Left, are i’m the one left? I go right… Maybe not. Do i stay here, yea probably.

  • An eternal ending. Dull, gray, the mist shrouds my sight makes it hard to see.
    Mayby i would stay inside?