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    aspyre - - "that numbness, so addicting every measure is taken to make very, very sure that it’ll never end days pass in a haze couldn’t care less attached stuck trapped in a habit spiriling down like a plane caught aflame surrounded by lips that beg you to stop- before it’s too late they don’t understand, oh if only they could know the depth of misery a soul can experience if they could just glimpse the intensity of pain; they would finally shut up and all would be left to atrophy quietly, blissfully "View
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    gl0winginthedark - - "i miss you dear sweet love. you used to roam free and play amongst the hills and slopes of creativity. now those same dreams are nothing but mountains far off in your rear-view mirror. work hard dear love and may you find your valleys of chaos working harmoniously in exuberating colour in this world of imperfect amounts of perfection. work hard dear love and you will be rejoicing with your old self, your other half, soon. "View
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