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    He swept the dust from his mind,
    And presented a clean slate,
    To his ever fading memory,
    And disgruntled opinions of the world,
    To try and reboot a system,
    An inoperable system,
    A crashing system,
    Of the world that fell between his ears,
    When he tried
    To feel.

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    Barry was unnoticed,
    And Unlovable.
    Standing last in line,
    Hoping he was going to be picked to be on the team,
    But odd numbers were his enemy,
    A colossal monstrosity that he ‘couldn’t even.’
    So he sat on the sidelines,
    Letting that pattern follow him through life.

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    I pretended to be asleep this morning,
    Or last night,
    Both have been blurred together,
    So you wouldn’t have to feel guilty when you inevitably gather your shoes and choose to sneak out as the sunset sneaks in through the blinds.
    Maybe today won’t be like every other time…
    But when I open my eyes, this dream will stop.

    Fake a snore,
    Control the breath,
    And try not to break.

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    All I can think about is ABBA,
    Until they drag me away to the padded room,
    Where I can dance like a dancing queen all night
    and all day long,
    Fuelled by the power that celebrity and media gives me.

    I feel free.
    I am free.
    Free falling.
    If I was a bird.
    I am a bird.
    I’m like a bird.

    I will be the greatest groupie of all time.
    Here we go.

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    The bottle smashed.
    And what was still a party for the girls,
    Became a war for the boys.
    Fuelled with courage, or perhaps just rage,
    They sprung into action,
    Defending honour that didn’t exist,
    Or those who never needed to be saved.
    It was all out war,
    But I guess this is how those things usually start.

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    I sank into the swimming pool,
    And found myself surrounded,
    By Jellyfish,
    And one lone turtle.
    How they managed to make the trip from the Caribbean,
    Following me home from a place I’ve never been,
    I know not,
    Nor probably will ever know.
    But they were there for now,
    And so we danced underneath the non-existent waves.

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    She brushed the lint from her shoulder and looked away, thinking that’s all it would take.
    But it moved.
    And it grew.
    Looking back, Cassie was surprised to find it was double the size before.
    She casually brought her hand up, to flick it away, but as she came into contact with the spot, she was stuck.
    And it began to consume her.
    Until she was nothing but a dust bunny.
    They had their first victim,
    Now for the war.

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    He held out his hand,
    day by day,
    night by night,
    on the cold grate,
    that sometimes gave him relief,
    though the steam,
    hazing his memory,
    taking him back to a time
    where it was exciting to get lost in the fog,
    and hoped for kindness
    to get him through another day.

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    The desert was soft as a pillow,
    As Daniel fell to the ground,
    Exhausted by the way the world worked now.

    He crawled through the dust,
    Losing himself one molecule at a time,
    Until he crumbled,
    And went back to the earth,
    Dispersed through the wind,
    And finally free.

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    Their souls intertwined,
    The 2 of spades and the 3 of diamonds held on fast to the tiller,
    And piloted the ferry towards the edge of the falls.

    It had started out as a bank robbery, but the getaway driver was sick.
    Time for a leap of faith.

    This is what happens when you try and be too clever..

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    She stared at herself in the mirror,
    For exactly 601 seconds,
    Knowing that it was the most courageous thing she could ever do.
    Her love handles,
    Her misshaped freckles,
    The stupid birthmark on her shoulder that looked like a smudge of dirt.

    As the tears fell down her cheeks,
    She smiled her crooked smile,
    And knew she was going to be okay.

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    The salty spray echoed through the walls of the ship,
    As one man woke up with a start.
    He was piloting a schooner all the way up from Florida,
    During the Hurricane season,
    And suddenly his old friend Katrina came to call.
    She was a jealous woman,
    And dragged him back to her watery depths,
    It would be years before they discovered the truth.

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    A bead of sweat rolled down my cheek,
    On to the searing grate below,
    And I knew these were the last thought that would enter my head.
    Why didn’t I put a meat thermometer in the turkey before turning the oven on?
    Why was my oven so damn big?
    And why did I marry a serial gold digger and believe in reform?

    Alex laughed on the outside and watched me burn,
    And then had a delicious meal.

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    Nobody noticed him,
    As the doors opened seemingly by themselves.
    This pale excuse of a ghost remained loyal to the hotel that made him pay for his uniform,
    And his stupid hat,
    That made him a monkey,
    Which he would never use again.

    Still he waited for a smile,
    Which never came.

    People are too busy.

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    Time stood still, as Hodor took the blade in his hand and charged towards the screaming hoards of Orcs that rushed towards him. He was named after his favourite fantasy character, and wouldn’t put him to shame. The barbarian grabbed his foes hand and snapped it in two just before—

    And then the power shut off, and Mike was once again himself.
    Not necessarily devoid of bloodlust,
    Just devoid of the strength to conquer his fears.

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    The numbers flew across the page as David tried to hold them down. His stubby fingers should have been perfectly suited to the task, but they kept flying through the air, faster and faster. Until nothing was left to the equation, but an x and a square root. X seemed to be more elusive everyday.

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    My inebriation prevents me from reflecting,
    Upon the sacrifices my grandfather made,
    When he took up arms against the enemy,
    And was forced to kill a fellow human being,
    And watched his best friend die,
    And didn’t have time to cry.
    I’ve sat comfortably in this bar,
    Drinking up his freedom,
    And never once realizing why,
    I am the luckiest man alive.

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    The worth of a man
    Is not decided in gold or silver
    But through the efforts of his mind
    -famous author.

    Simon cast the book aside before he had begun.
    This was not going to teach him how to conquer the world.
    For that, he must look inside himself.

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    Gimp was a pawn in a greater game.
    It didn’t matter that that game was checkers.
    Gimp charged ahead slowly, one space at a time,
    Bravely hurtling himself into a battle,
    That wasn’t even his to begin with.
    But that doesn’t matter.
    He knew he could fight.
    The cause was inconsequential.