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    She stared at herself in the mirror,
    For exactly 601 seconds,
    Knowing that it was the most courageous thing she could ever do.
    Her love handles,
    Her misshaped freckles,
    The stupid birthmark on her shoulder that looked like a smudge of dirt.

    As the tears fell down her cheeks,
    She smiled her crooked smile,
    And knew she was going to be okay.

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    The salty spray echoed through the walls of the ship,
    As one man woke up with a start.
    He was piloting a schooner all the way up from Florida,
    During the Hurricane season,
    And suddenly his old friend Katrina came to call.
    She was a jealous woman,
    And dragged him back to her watery depths,
    It would be years before they discovered the truth.

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    A bead of sweat rolled down my cheek,
    On to the searing grate below,
    And I knew these were the last thought that would enter my head.
    Why didn’t I put a meat thermometer in the turkey before turning the oven on?
    Why was my oven so damn big?
    And why did I marry a serial gold digger and believe in reform?

    Alex laughed on the outside and watched me burn,
    And then had a delicious meal.

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    Nobody noticed him,
    As the doors opened seemingly by themselves.
    This pale excuse of a ghost remained loyal to the hotel that made him pay for his uniform,
    And his stupid hat,
    That made him a monkey,
    Which he would never use again.

    Still he waited for a smile,
    Which never came.

    People are too busy.

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    Time stood still, as Hodor took the blade in his hand and charged towards the screaming hoards of Orcs that rushed towards him. He was named after his favourite fantasy character, and wouldn’t put him to shame. The barbarian grabbed his foes hand and snapped it in two just before—

    And then the power shut off, and Mike was once again himself.
    Not necessarily devoid of bloodlust,
    Just devoid of the strength to conquer his fears.

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    The numbers flew across the page as David tried to hold them down. His stubby fingers should have been perfectly suited to the task, but they kept flying through the air, faster and faster. Until nothing was left to the equation, but an x and a square root. X seemed to be more elusive everyday.

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    My inebriation prevents me from reflecting,
    Upon the sacrifices my grandfather made,
    When he took up arms against the enemy,
    And was forced to kill a fellow human being,
    And watched his best friend die,
    And didn’t have time to cry.
    I’ve sat comfortably in this bar,
    Drinking up his freedom,
    And never once realizing why,
    I am the luckiest man alive.

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    The worth of a man
    Is not decided in gold or silver
    But through the efforts of his mind
    -famous author.

    Simon cast the book aside before he had begun.
    This was not going to teach him how to conquer the world.
    For that, he must look inside himself.

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    Gimp was a pawn in a greater game.
    It didn’t matter that that game was checkers.
    Gimp charged ahead slowly, one space at a time,
    Bravely hurtling himself into a battle,
    That wasn’t even his to begin with.
    But that doesn’t matter.
    He knew he could fight.
    The cause was inconsequential.

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    Everyone in the town was excited to go to the masquerade ball thrown by the Arch Duke that they respected all so much. Sarah could cover up her scars, and have everyone see the true beauty that was on the inside, and Tommy knew he could unleash the wolf that dwelt within his breast. It was sure to be a night to remember.
    What mask will you wear?
    Will it be the same you wear on a day to day basis?

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    She made her love a competition,
    For all the neighbourhood boys to fawn and fight over.
    Billy brought her cherry blossoms,
    which turned out to just be those poisonous cherries parents kept their kids from eating,
    And Tucker brought her a stick,
    and proceeded to throw rocks at her.
    20 years later, she’s still going,
    desperate for the rocks once again.

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    He flew through the water with an erotic description.
    But that wasn’t actually important.
    It was the feeling he felt,
    not his outward appearance,
    that made him dive in once more
    and find himself in the abyss.

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    I was sucked down into the depths of the ocean,
    Pulled through a combination of my own will
    And nature’s bottomless love,
    Who embraced me like the greatest lover I had ever known.
    Truthfully, she was only the second,
    But her love was never tainted,
    But all encompassing,
    As I breathed her in.

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    The euphoria of drawing an ace and a king
    Was fleeting.
    I looked down at my winnings,
    Everything that should make me completed
    This sentence
    From the brain I once used to call my own,
    And knew that with this new found wealth
    worth nothing
    I could never buy my freedom.

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    His tank was empty.
    Harold sat up groggily in bed,
    and slowly stumbled down the stairs,
    kept alive only by the smell of something brewing downstairs.
    It was only after he drank his ‘elixir of life’ that he noticed the carnage around him.

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    She fingered scars across her back,
    Sitting bolt upright in the nest
    That had become her home all those years ago.
    That one fateful night she had thought she would die,
    Should die,
    Should never have received kindness from the giant who plucked her out of her self-centred world and taught her the true meaning of solitude and loneliness,
    All she would have to do is jump,
    The mountain was high,
    But she lacked the courage,
    And so lorded over her kingdom of isolation.

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    Things in Henry’s life had been slightly askew as of late.
    The floor in his apartment had always been tilted,
    That was evident enough by his desk chair always becoming an end table during the night,
    And so he built his bed accordingly,
    But this was something different,
    Henry was happy,
    And hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

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    The water crashed upon the sea shore,
    Letting gravity simulate the passion,
    That was once felt by the man
    Basking in the sun.
    It took a lifetime to be captured,
    Eluding his captor until there was no where left to run,
    But a moment to escape,
    Into the stratosphere,
    Where his mind could be free,
    As long as he let gravity finish what he could not.

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    He woke up
    After a long sleep,
    And found himself covered in a sheet,
    Which was covered by a layer of dust,
    the only thing in the great hall.

    Parson sat up slowly, looking a the billboards that surrounded him,
    And wept.